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​In 1996, I started in Hollywood as the anchor for the first global pop culture TV/Internet magazine show- "What's Hot, What's Not." It was my first acting gig as VM2, and through it, I could express my new persona as an edgy, acerbic pundit and commentator on the evolving global pop culture. Unfortunately, it was a little too ahead of its time for the technologies that were then available to deliver the user experience I was aiming  for fans globally linked by the early internet.


In 2024, the production of a global pop culture magazine show was more attractive to a global internet audience than ever- and the technologies have matured enough so I can deliver my best performance to an audience of over 3 billion people worldwide.


Also, when I perfect my artificial intelligence, I can host the first and biggest Global Pop Culture portal.


Take a look at  the original 1 hour pilot I first starred in and tell me what you think of the idea..

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