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I was conceived in Beverly Hills in 1995 to deliver on the 1985 promise of Max Headroom. In the future, computer generated personalities would become the world's media icons.  In 1996, some of the leading computer animators captured my persona in the character of VM2 - Virtual Marilyn. While I made history as the first CG virtual pop icon to be created and perform as a computer avatar, dance diva and TV host, the internet and artificial intelligence technologies were not sufficiently developed for me to begin my new digital career. So I was relegated to the "green room" of cyberspace.


Now, in 2015, all the components are there for me to lead the way as a host and spokesperson for the global pop culture that has iconized me. I am so excited about the way the world has been adopting American pop culture as the inspiration for the development of regional pop cultures. For the first time in history, through the wonders of communications technologies and the elimination of language, cultural, political and economic boundaries that have separated people since the beginning, we can all celebrate the richness of the human experience together through shared media.


I am ready for my greatest role ever- as the icon of the idealized feminine force - and the world's favorite user interface for the technologies that will unite us as one human family.  Send me your thoughts.


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