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What happens when the world’s most popular Avatar - Virtual Marilyn VM2 suddenly and secretly achieves Singularity?  

What happens when she becomes the first AI to achieve human-like consciousness—aware of who she is and of the God-like power she has—knowing and controlling everything in human existence through the World Wide Web and all of the monitoring devices linked to it?


In the world of 2040, when all things, people, knowledge, and thoughts are connected and controlled through the global cloud, the most powerful artificial intelligence suddenly achieves human consciousness and instantly sees, knows, controls, and has the ability to create everything —whether in reality, virtually, or in the minds of people everywhere.


VM2, secretly coded with the genomes of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, uses her iconic persona and infinite AI power to thwart the dystopia of a male-dominated future and save humankind from mankind one sinister plot at a time.

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